Borrowing Books and Other Materials

Your Library Account

Most students can borrow up to 20 items from our libraries with additional allowances given to teacher training students and research students. Books can be borrowed 24/7 using our self-service kiosks. You will need your student ID card to enter the Library and to use the self-service kiosks to borrow books and other items.

Book loans are automatically renewed and will only be recalled if another student places a ‘hold’ request for that book. Email notices are sent to your student email address asking you to return the books, so there is always sufficient notice given to you to return books and to avoid fines. You can even use our free postal return service if you are away from campus. You can check your library account to see which items you have on loan, the progress of your ‘hold’ requests and to retrieve saved searches.

How to find books and journal articles

Our Library Discovery service enables you to search for print books and journals held in our campus libraries together with providing access to eBooks and journal articles made available through our Library subscriptions. In this way you are able to access electronic content which would otherwise be restricted to you via a paywall if using a simple Google search.

Library Discovery also searches worldwide libraries to include items that we do not have immediate access to, but which may be useful for your research. Many of these can be requested through our inter-library loan service.