“If you can dream it, you can make it”

When Bradley Warren finished college, he wanted to go to a university where he could be the best version of himself.

The personalised support and wider community, with a wide variety of Students’ Union societies, led him to study Digital Marketing at the University of Gloucestershire.

And it’s been a busy few months for Bradley since graduating in 2021. Reflecting on the last few years, Bradley feels that his time at university has benefitted him personally and professionally.

“There is so much I can praise the University for,” he said, “but the top three moments I enjoyed the most were simply making some amazing friends for life. At the start I wasn’t the most outgoing, and struggled with conversation, but group work forced me out of my comfort zone and I slowly became more confident.

“Secondly, was the support I received from my own personal tutor and so many others. They were on hand to discus and outline theoretical concepts which allowed me to not worry and stress about my assignments, plus the assignments were differently refreshing too, with presentations, creative portfolios and simulations which allowed me to explore my passion for technology.

“Thirdly, YFP events such as inspire days, hearing stories from many industry leaders towards tackling current hot topics, along with certifications and extra training were simply great as they allowed me to develop strong skill sets I use today.”

Bradley spent his placement year working with leadership and management training provider QuoLux, which allowed him to connect with a wide range of inspirational business leaders.

“Their lessons ring true today in leadership, business management and digitalisation techniques. They inspired me to challenge the norms and inspire new thinking.”

Bradley was also able to use the experiences he gathered from QuoLux in using data capture techniques, such as CRM systems, taking him further into the eLearning industry, while allowing him to return to his roots of creating apps.

After graduating, Bradley started work as a content marketing executive for TGS, who manufacture portable traffic lights. His main responsibilities are developing engaging and interesting content on multiple channels, including eCommerce, social media and the website.

In the few months he has worked there, he has helped developed a variety of projects including the launch of an eCommerce platform and an interactive brand storytelling site.

As well as finding a full-time job, Bradley was part of a team which came second in an international innovation competition, and he is also working with the NHS, developing a tablet system to make recording patient information easier for staff.

And for those who are considering university, or currently studying, he would advise them to do as much as possible.

“If I had my time again, I would say “go and do more!” I saw university as a big kid’s playground of ideas, nothing is too small nor too big. Like my mother said, “If you can dream it, you can make it”, and with any university, having the latest technology is a gamechanger, so don’t be afraid to do extra projects – it can do wonders, and allowed me to grow and learn faster.

“If you’re thinking you might struggle academically, this is coming from someone who is dyslexic, and I must admit that without utilising the amazing support services, I don’t think I would have made it to graduation.

“From day one, they worked with me in developing a system that allowed me to harness the information better through both software and different teaching methods, and I must mention my own personal tutor and tutors were fantastic in lending an ear and providing a great roadmap.

“But above all, university isn’t about achieving great grades alone, it’s nice to have, but it’s about making memories and connections which will stand the test of time and develop a continuous drive to learn.

“And to future students – good luck, I wish you well!”