Performing Arts graduate in new ‘Secret Garden’ film

Isis Davis is a performing arts graduate and one of the cast in a major new feature film ‘The Secret Garden’ working with Julie Walters and Colin Firth (released 2020). “I was cast in the role of Martha in Heyday Films’ remake of ‘The Secret Garden’.  It was the second time I have worked with the Director Marc Mundun who prior to the film, had directed me in Crazy Diamond; Electric Dreams on Channel 4.  I was fortunate to win two awards at the British Urban Film Festival last year; one as best emerging female for my role in short film ‘Cover Me’.  And one scriptwriting award for my script ‘Draw’ which has now been picked up by producers to pitch for production.

My time at University of Gloucestershire provided me with skills and knowledge that I have taken out into the industry and continue to use in every audition and every job I undertake. During my time at university I had the opportunity to take a piece to the Edinburgh Festival which gave me the inspiration to write my own show and take it there the following year.  Following the reviews I gained at the Fringe Festival and the support I received for my writing, I was then able to secure professional representation and gain further belief in myself as a performer.

One of the academics on my course championed me and mentored me from my first audition and shared her incredible industry connections with me and my agent.  I feel that my time at the university has provided me with a strong professional network and a core group of my classmates have remained a strong circle of friends.  We offer support in learning lines or reading each others script and we most importantly are true supporters of each others journeys, our successes and hurdles along the way.”

Since graduating with a first-class degree, Isis has been cast in a number of TV series including Guilt, Electric Dreams, Casualty and EastEnders.

Performing Arts graduate Isis Davis is a professional actor and writer. Taking two productions to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a company in her second year led her to return with her own one woman show in her third year. This proved to be a life changing event. After bringing the show to London she was signed by a theatrical agent and landed the lead in a short film, Cover Me. Since then she has had a variety of television roles in shows including Casualty, Eastenders and Silent Witness, and in 2020 she will appear on the big screen in The Secret Garden, alongside Julie Walters and Colin Firth.

Isis also won the best script award at the British Urban Film Festival, and after being selected to join the BBC Drama Writers Programme, she is being commissioned to write a pilot episode for a new drama. She says her time at university prepared her for hard work, and she still uses the vocal exercises she learned in class today. Isis added: “My advice to current students is to be brave and push yourself, now is the best time to make mistakes. Try, fail and try again in a supportive environment. You get out what you put it in, so give it everything you have, because in my experience hard work always pays off in the end!”